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Our management team was born and raised in Atlanta. We have been providing prompt and professional landscape and tree services to the greater Atlanta area since 1995. So when we formed The Arbor Pros Tree Service, we knew we wanted to focus on providing the very best in customer service for our local tree care industry. We utilize the latest technology and training to safely remove any hazardous situations. Our crew leaders have the latest ISA certification and we have workman’s compensation, general liability, and auto insurance. We gladly present all insurance certifications before beginning any work. We recommend always checking insurance for any personnel or contractors performing work on your property.

We pride ourselves on being tree preservationist first and foremost. Trees improve every aspect of our lives. Removing them is generally a last resort for any situation. Sometimes pruning is the best solution to a problem. We take extra care when listening to customers’ needs and providing solutions that meet those goals within their budgets. Many projects require a permit. We can assist with obtaining these permits.

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THE ARBOR PROS offers complete tree services, including tree removal, trimming, and clean-up services for homeowners in Atlanta and surrounding areas. We always provide a professional evaluation and a FREE written proposal for every job, prior to any work being performed.

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The Arbor Pros provides comprehensive tree care services on commercial properties across North America. From HOAs to industrial facilities, our dedicated team maintains safe and beautiful landscapes on a variety of commercial property type.

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